Engineer provides wires and USB-C to AirPods, making essentially the most complex EarPods ever

Apple’s AirPods are liked all over the world. Many other people finally end up shedding one or either one of those stressed out earphones. Whilst AirPods are nice, many other people need stressed out earphones, and Apple hasn’t made new EarPods in a very long time. Smartly, no worries! {Hardware} prototyping guide Ken Pillonel has transformed AirPods into essentially the most complex EarPods there are.

Pillonel has added wires and a USB-C connector to AirPods, changing them into EarPods. AirPods are infamous for having horrible repairability, and being simple to lose. Pillonel is legendary for modding Apple merchandise, and his newest challenge turns out to any other that many other people would in reality admire. 

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