Vodafone goes into satellite handle Amazon’s Task Kuiper

Task Kuiper will link geographically dispersed cellular antennas back to Vodafone’s core telecom network

Vodafone Group and Amazon’s Task Kuiper will utilize low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite innovation to extend 4G and 5G connection in Europe and Africa, especially for those in underserved neighborhoods.

Task Kuiper will link geographically dispersed cellular antennas back to Vodafone’s core telecom network, which will allow the business to provide sophisticated cellular services in more areas without the requirement for fiber-based builds or repaired cordless links back to the core network.

According to Margherita Della Valle, Vodafone Group president, these connections will be “matched even more through [the carrier’s] own deal with direct-to-smartphone satellite services.” Much of that work includes its cooperation with AST SpaceMobile, a U.S.-based satellite designer and producer.

Amazon’s Kuiper LEO system was offered the consent by the Federal Communications Commission in 2020 for a constellation of 3,236 satellites at numerous elevations and in January, the business revealed comprehensive screening At the time, it set the objective to offer “high-capacity, low-latency broadband interactions services to 10s of countless unserved and underserved customers and services.”

Of the current news, Dave Limp, Amazon’s senior vice president for gadgets and services commented: “Teaming with a prominent worldwide provider like Vodafone enables us to make a larger effect quicker in closing the digital divide in Europe and Africa. Together we’ll check out how we can assist our consumers get the most worth from broadened connection, especially in locations like property broadband, farming, education, health care, transport, and monetary services.”

Amazon is preparing to check 2 model satellites this year, with implementation anticipated to start in 2024. As part of the collaborations, Vodafone will take part in that screening, as stated that as Amazon’s production satellites come online, services will be released for its consumers in Africa and Europe.

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