My Property Goals for 2024 and a Wrap-up of 2023 

Every year, I set objectives and evaluate my objectives from the previous year. Not just do I set objectives and evaluate them however I release them here for the world to see! This assists keep me liable for my actions and keeps the objectives fresh in my mind.

When I set objectives, my primary goal is not to attain those objectives however to do much better. A number of my objectives I do not attain which is alright due to the fact that I understand I did more and much better with the objectives than if I did not have them.

My previous objectives and how I did

It is insane to consider just how much I have actually achieved for many years and I understand that setting objectives assisted me do far more than I ever believed possible. I own more than $22 million worth of realty and have actually achieved a number of my dreams. I still have a long method to go and I will keep this going as long as I can. Every year I compose this short article that discusses my previous objectives and my future objectives. You can see those other objective short articles from previous years listed below:

Things have actually altered for many years as my service has actually altered and brand-new things have actually entered into my life. I began a realty brokerage, began buying business realty, composed lots of books, began brick-and-mortar services, and far more.

What were my objectives for 2023?

I do not make the very same objectives every year due to the fact that not every objective works. Some objectives might look like fantastic concepts till I understand attaining them was too simple or not impactful on me or my service. Some objectives might be too hard to determine or track and some are simply oo boring. These were my objectives for 2023

Offer 20 residential or commercial properties

I typically make an objective to turn a specific quantity of homes which indicates I offer a flip I felt the requirement to bring an objective like that back considering that I require to be offering residential or commercial properties relatively rapidly to keep my service design sustainable considering that I am purchasing brand-new ones and investing a lot on repair work. I did not offer as lots of residential or commercial properties in 2022 as I typically do. These might be leasings or turns that I offer in 2023. I have actually offered leasings in the past that were not the very best carrying out which is my strategy now too. I have had some residential or commercial properties that I had huge prepare for however those strategies failed for different factors. I require to offer those and carry on to other residential or commercial properties while keeping the excellent ones.

I think I just offered 10 residential or commercial properties in 2023! This was way listed below my objective and a couple of things made this hard. For one, I was unable to purchase as lots of turns as I wanted to. Increasing rate of interest likewise made it harder to offer a few of the multifamily turns that I had actually prepared to offer. This was not completion of the world due to the fact that I am earning money on those residential or commercial properties each month however I do have a great deal of capital bound in them that I want to go out ultimately.

Here is among the residential or commercial properties I offered:

Buy 12 Flips

I believe we just purchased 6 turns in 2022! That was the least variety of turns I have actually purchased in several years however that number is likewise a little tricking. A few of the turns I purchased were multiunit residential or commercial properties that will take more work than a regular flip and a few of the residential or commercial properties that I thought about to be rental residential or commercial property purchases in 2022 might wind up being long-lasting turns too. I have a couple of duplexes and triplexes that I was thinking about keeping or offering and I believe I might offer them after repairing them up a bit.

I did not purchase 12 turns in 2023 either! We just purchased 7 turns which was very little better than 2022. The silver lining of this is that the majority of the turns we purchased we in the last half of 2023 so we might see some light at the end of the tunnel for discovering more offers. The absence of stock has actually made it really hard to discover residential or commercial properties that will be a rewarding flip.

Here is among the turns I purchased:

Purchase $2,000,000 worth of rental residential or commercial properties

I have actually had objectives to purchase a specific quantity of leasings (my objective to purchase 100 leasings) and to purchase a specific quantity of square video of leasings (my objective to purchase 1 million square feet of leasings) however this year I am altering it to a dollar quantity. I liked both objectives however they both had problems. The 100 residential or commercial property objective was for homes I began purchasing big business residential or commercial properties. The 1 million square feet of leasings objective was cool however then I purchased some insane huge residential or commercial properties that were primarily cash pits. We will see how this objective goes.

I did definitely awful with this objective too! I just purchased one rental residential or commercial property and it was a little one and an organization too. The little laundromat in Kersey Colorado had a house in it which is the only leasing I had the ability to -purchase for $300k. I did have another residential or commercial property that I practically purchased for $1.3 million however the seller backed out at the last 2nd. Although the marketplace for offering leasings is not excellent, there still are very few offers out there to purchase either!

Re-finance $2 million worth of financial obligation

This is one objective that I have actually been achieving and makes a big distinction in my financial resources. By re-financing personal cash into bank cash, I maximize those personal cash loan providers to provide me more personal cash and minimize my interest payments while securing loans for the long term. I have some brand-new loan providers to attempt this year and I can connect to my old ones too on a couple of residential or commercial properties.

Well, this is another objective that I entirely missed out on. I had some concepts to re-finance residential or commercial properties however those concepts failed. I understood it would be difficult refinancing residential or commercial properties with standard bank loans and I was wishing to utilize some DSCR loans. The problem I faced with DSCR loans, is that the majority of them have substantial prepayment charges and it is really tough to discover them on business or mixed-use residential or commercial properties.

Make $500k in earnings from Investfourmore

I have this very same objective once again! I have some brand-new things to attempt and I might truly concentrate on that service this year myself too. I believe there is a great deal of chance there that I have actually not been totally taking advantage of. I would enjoy to have individuals in my workplace who deal with this service.

Are you getting utilized to me missing my objectives due to the fact that it took place once again! I in fact saw a decline in earnings from investfourmore. Investfourmore is this blog site, my YouTube channel, social networks, realty training items, and a couple of other things. Among the huge issues with Investfourmore is that realty is truly tough today and I believe lots of people have actually lost interest or quit. While my earnings did not increase, I had the ability to achieve some fantastic things in 2023 with my brand name.

Include 250k social networks fans

I believe this objective is diable and at the very same time challenging too. The difficult part with social networks is you never ever understand what will succeed or how your account will do. Some things I believe will never ever succeed wind up being remarkable and some that I believe are remarkable do awful! Among the sub-goals in this is to strike 100k customers on YouTube. I have 90k now and got 10k in the last 2 months however without insane expulsions, YouTube stops pressing my channel as much which insane run is over in the meantime. Ideally, I can get more consistent and constant development without madness.

Here is an objective that I was far more effective at attaining. I struck 100k Customers on YouTube! I did not include 250k social networks fans, however I included about 100k through YouTube, Facebook, and TikTok. Instagram has in fact been losing fans due to the fact that I believe Instagram shadow prohibited me and dislikes me. I am uncertain why.

Raise Incomes at my shop from $65k to $95k each month

I purchased an alcohol shop and mini-market in 2022 which was an objective of mine for a while. I have actually constantly desired a brick-and-mortar shop for some factor. I got my desire and it has actually been enjoyable however likewise challenging. The shop earns money even after paying lease to myself who owns the structure too. While it earns money, I believe it can do a lot better! One huge modification is we can serve more food choices considering that I simply upped our food license to a grocery with a deli which permits us to prepare some foods. We will see how that goes!

This objective I struck in the summer season of 2023 and after that sales hung back down once again. Sales are seasonal at the shop which was to be anticipated. While sales were way up, our earnings were not as much as they need to have been because of some staffing problems and expense issues. Generating income is not everything about earnings, however the bottom line, or revenue too. The shop is going fantastic.

Intriguing 2023 achievements that weren’t objectives

While I did not achieve a number of my objectives I had the ability to do some brand-new things I was not anticipating. I have desired a laundromat for several years and attempted to construct one from scratch in a village in Northern Colorado. That did not exercise due to the fact that of the construct and energy expenses. Nevertheless, I had the ability to purchase one little laundromat and vehicle wash in June that was currently existing and after that I took control of another laundromat in September! The little laundromat has actually had lots of obstacles however the bigger one is doing quite well. It was really interesting discovering business and attempting to enhance sales.

My objectives for 2024

As constantly I am going to alter how I do my objectives this year. I am constantly tweaking and altering things as I stated formerly. I am going to do something brand-new which possibly I need to have done before however for some factor, I did not. I am going to publish an earnings objective. I have actually constantly had to do with investing and earnings in a few of my services however I have actually never ever done an overall earnings objective. Lots of people believe I give way more cash than I do.

I wish to make one million dollars in gross income in 2024

I have several business that have actually made near or more than one million dollars in earnings a year however gross income is not earnings! If I have the ability to make one million dollars in gross income it will indicate that I generated method more earnings than that due to the fact that my leasings and other services supply an incredible quantity of writeoffs and reductions. I prepare to do this with a mix of online revenue, shop revenue, flip revenue, rental residential or commercial property revenue, and laundromat earnings. I broke down that objective into smaller sized objectives like making $100k revenue at the shop.

I wish to offer 20 residential or commercial properties in 2024

I am duplicating this objective once again due to the fact that there have to do with 5 leasings I want to offer that are underperforming or have a great deal of equity compared to the capital can be found in. I likewise have 7 turns that need to offer in 2024 and I prepare to purchase more that will offer in 2024 too. It is not completion of the world if I do not offer this lots of however it would be great and maximize capital to purchase residential or commercial properties with more possible or value-added possibilities if I can discover them!

Here is among the residential or commercial properties I offered in 2023:

I wish to purchase least 12 turns in 2024

I made this objective in 2023 and did not reach it either however I believe I can in 2024 or a minimum of come close. It is enjoyable doing turns and I enjoy developing videos and purchasing more turns permits me to make more videos! I am hoping with rate of interest decreasing (fingers crossed) more stock will begin the marketplace and I will have the ability to discover more offers.

I wish to purchase $2 million worth of leasings

I am duplicating this objective once again too! Rental residential or commercial properties that earn money have actually remained in brief supply in my market. There have actually been a couple of residential or commercial properties that turned up for sale that were close to sufficient offers for me and other financiers got on them. I am believing I might need to attempt a various market quickly however I am not quiting on Colorado yet. I did make a post about the most landlord-friendly states which might assist others and myself decide if I choose to purchase other markets.

I wish to re-finance $2 million worth of financial obligation

I am still aiming to re-finance a few of my residential or commercial properties that have personal cash loans on them. Thankfully my loan providers are really versatile and want to keep taking the interest I am paying them. If rate of interest boil down a lot that would be remarkable however I am uncertain how far down they will go. I would likewise enjoy to discover a DSCR loan provider that does not have substantial prepayment charges!

Social network and blog site objectives

I have lots of objectives for social networks. I wish to continue to grow my YouTube channel and I would enjoy for it to remove and focus my time on it however my other social networks channels like Facebook and TikTok drive individuals to my YouTube channel. I likewise have actually not been composing as much on due to the fact that I have actually been concentrating on social networks and I believe that is one factor I have actually not been as effective online as I had actually hoped. I wish to compose more on my blog site and make certain I am making the most of the brand name I have actually developed over several years!

Here are a few of the social networks objectives:

  • 150k YouTube Customers
  • 400k Facebook fans
  • 100k Tiktok fans
  • Boost traffic on Investfourmore to 50k users a month
  • I still wish to strike that $50k a month earnings objective too!


Setting objectives is really essential and something I do every year and track all the time. To be sincere, I might have kept much better track of my objectives in 2023. I had them composed on a white boards and I took a look at them however I did not set time away to prepare as much as I need to have. Another objective of mine is to focus more on my objectives in 2024!

To find out more about objectives and why I utilize them inspect this out

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