Pros Share Their Leading Low-Maintenance Paving and Hardscape Picks

Core Outdoor Living
2. Daren Langhorne, Core Outdoor Living, Clifton, Virginia

Start with a strong footing. Daren Langhorne, who concentrates on constructing outdoor patios, decks, walls and patios, normally recommends that outdoor patios be dry-set pavers on a crushed-gravel structure or wet-set flagstones on a 4-inch concrete structure. “Our suggestions depend upon elements like home design, customer style choices and the spending plan,” he states. The option likewise depends upon what products currently remain in location. “We advise a matching product when the brand-new task shows up from what currently exists, for remarkable aesthetic appeals,” he states.

Langhorne likes dry-set pavers for their expense and ease of repair work. “It is a lot easier to fix an outdoor patio with pavers, since the stones can just be raised and re-installed,” Langhorne states. “W hereas mortared flagstones should be sculpted out and remortared.” He includes that an appropriately developed structure and outdoor patio border will assist to avoid dry-set stones from settling.

Look for outside items

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