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About a year after signing a tactical collaboration contract with the German mobile robotics professional SAFELOG, the interim outcomes for TGW Logistics are favorable. Consumers are progressively conscious of combination proficiency, security innovation and procedure stability, which is why increasingly more organizations are putting their rely on services supplied by these 2 business.

High quality at an appealing cost: for workwear professional Engelbert Strauss, this basic concept uses not just to their production of expert clothes, however likewise to their intralogistics. The German business was among the very first clients to buy a brand-new option from TGW Logistics for its dispatch centre system in Biebergemünd: over 2 lots mobile robotics from the Quba series will separately carry totes to the workstations in the returns location.

Secret innovation for future-proof intralogistics

From Engelbert Strauss to the Swiss coffee maker maker Thermoplan: various business are putting their rely on the proficiency of TGW Logistics in the location of mobile robotics. Since the systems integrator specified the services as “a crucial innovation for high-performance, versatile and future-proof intralogistics” according to CTO Christoph Wolkerstorfer, the business participated in a tactical collaboration with SAFELOG in November 2022. The Quba household mobile robotics portfolio is comprised of both AMRs (Self-governing Mobile Robots) and AGVs (Automated Guided Cars). The distinction in between the 2 classifications has actually ended up being progressively blurred, for which factor TGW Logistics combines the portfolio under the term “mobile robotics.”
The versatile and flexible robotics can carry totes, containers and pallets, and manage a range of jobs, consisting of providing production, packaging or returns workstations in addition to automated palletising and de-palletising stations.

Versatile and scalable automation

Over a brief period of time, TGW Logistics offered approximately 200 mobile robotics from the Quba household as part of numerous jobs; Stefan Riegler, Head of Company Advancement Mobile Robotics at TGW Logistics states there are numerous factors behind this. For something, Riegler feels that increasingly more organizations are acknowledging the capacity of mobile robotics to supply a versatile and scalable automation response to such difficulties as labour scarcities or rarely foreseeable customer behaviour, not to discuss that they fit the propensity towards lower preliminary financial investments.

For another thing, TGW Logistics’ more than 5 years of intralogistics experience makes the business a reputable partner when it pertains to combination proficiency and security. “A critical point in jobs is typically the examination of the procedures to be automated. We see it as our primary job to press innovation back into the background, reassess existing procedures and efficiency, and bring system schedule and procedure stability to the foreground,” states Riegler. SAFELOG Handling Director Mathias Behounek concurs: “Consumers require skilled, proficient professionals for big and intricate combination jobs. That holds true at TGW Logistics and SAFELOG.”

Self-governing mobile robotics

Dependability likewise plays a main function, according to Riegler. The TGW Future Private Structure owns TGW Logistics, guaranteeing it and supplying stability: the intralogistics professional might not be offered, and 2 thirds of its revenues stay in the business to be reinvested. On the other hand, owner and handling director Michael Wolter supports SAFELOG and locations terrific worth in natural development. Investor are not associated with the business. “Lots of clients avoid working with a start-up that might be intending to be purchased up as quickly as possible by the greatest bidder,” states Riegler.

Another essential aspect, together with a competitive market cost, is trust. Before professionals from TGW Logistics begin speaking about the innovation, they evaluate the procedure together with the client. The concern of “AGV or AMR?” is solved by performing a procedure analysis. This is not a concern of faith, firmly insists Riegler. He runs on the presumption that, in addition to the success elements currently pointed out, IT proficiency will be what separates the wheat from the chaff in the future. This is not restricted to professional understanding of the mobile robotics themselves, however likewise consists of information analysis and simulations of total systems.

Connection to existing systems is likewise possible

To the eyes of Alexander Leitner, Senior Citizen Vice President of Development & & Innovation at TGW Logistics, mobile robotics is not a cure-all and will not remain in the future either, however it is nonetheless an essential element of high-performance door-to-door services: “A terrific benefit of clever robotics systems is not just their versatility and simple scalability, however likewise that they can be incorporated into existing fulfilment centres after the truth.” From TGW Logistics’ and SAFELOG’s perspective and in regards to innovation, the world of mobile robotics focuses on particular pattern subjects:

• Expert System (AI): Making use of AI will make mobile robotics a lot more effective and self-governing in the future. The flexible robotics make choices separately, and those choices surpass simply preventing challenges. Thanks to maker vision, they will acknowledge things quicker and evaluate scenarios much better, all without lengthy shows work. AI can likewise be utilized as a basis for clever charging, because it relates to the fleet as an entire instead of thinking about each element individually. This indicates that the total system is just hired to carry out the particular activities needed at any offered time.

• Interoperability: This is a main subject in the mobile robotics market. The capability of mobile robotics from various makers to interact with one another, e.g. through the VDA 5050 user interface, is an essential aspect for the success of a system.

• Cyber security: This series of subjects plays an essential function, especially thinking about current attacks on the IT facilities of big logistics business. Mobile robotics are discovering ever more regular usage in important facilities, and it is for that reason essential to ensure that they are too safeguarded versus cyber attacks as possible.

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