macos – Device record displays fallacious USB bus utilization

Screenshot of hardware report

I spotted that Device record displays the fallacious utilization of USB 3.1 bus.

I’ve a 15-inch MacBook Professional from 2018 with i7, 2.2 GHz 6-Core

In keeping with Apple, it has 4 USB 3.1 Ports.

On the time of the screenshot, I had hooked up:

  • Transportable SSD by way of USB-C in a single port
  • Observe that still has a dock in a single port
  • Ethernet cable adapter in a single port (it displays within the Thunderbolt/USB4 phase)
  • dock by way of USB-C that has my iPhone plugged in by way of considered one of their USB-3 Ports

Device Experiences displays that:

  • On one port I’ve a USB3.0 Hub with the Ethernet adapter – that’s not if truth be told the Ethernet adapter I’ve… it is if truth be told the Ethernet port from the dock
  • On one port I’ve the transportable SSD, one USB 2.0 hub, one 4-port USB 2.0 hub(the track)
  • One loose port

Does any individual know what is going on?

Additionally, the dock that has my iPhone hooked up to it has the entire ports indexed as USB 3.0 ports however it displays as USB 2.0 Hub (even though I disconnect the whole lot from it).

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